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Many people are tired of opinions being presented as news or soundbites being crafted into information that may have never happened. Worse yet, soundbites can be edited to be outright deceitful. News was not meant to be entertaining.  News was to inform the masses, not influence them.

We endeavor to present news and information of a different sort. Amazing stories of inventions, accomplishments, medical miracles and the upside of the human spirit. As we uncover this information we research it for accuracy and factual content before presenting to the audience.

We produce our podcasts to focus on a single story. This website provides links and added information for those who are interested in learning more about those particular stories.

We can use your help in doing this! If you know of a uplifting story, fantastic invention, medical miracle or a personal accomplishment, please email or contact us so we can share the news. Now, all that remains is for you to have an Amazing day!


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